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The Vida Natural Baking Co. Story

The Food Of Living

Culinary arts naturally became part of my creative repertoire after making art of one kind or another for as long as I can remember. I was a photographer and a fine artist first. But food was a love I’d known forever.

Cooking was just always there, manifesting in different intensities at different times, always one of the charmed essences of family and living a good life.

From seeing and eating my mom’s cooking deliciously throughout my life, loving her love of food and my own enjoyment of it, to later, my learning broadened with new techniques and new ingredients from extended family members, friends and others. At some point cooking simply became the path I was on.

So you could say I learned to cook because I love to eat. And eat well. I need to have and make my favorite foods. And that’s my pleasure right there, cooking and eating. By cooking my own food I could eat whatever I wanted, anytime I feel liked. I am lucky. I have what they call in Brazil a “hand” for cooking that takes more than following a recipe to make really good food.

Moving To America

The perspective that comes from choosing to move to another country inspired a new question; the challenge of what the next steps of my life would be.

When I left Brazil, I knew I was going to miss those snacks. Something I grew up with and to this day I can’t get enough. The other thing I miss from Brazil are the pineapples, they’re way better than the Hawaiians. That’s my pleasure right there, eating.

Making A Company

Joining the forces of my basic needs to live, to create and to care for my family at 50 years of age, I began to conceive a company that was grown from my own experience.

Making food that I really love and would miss having, I realized I could create my own vision and a model of one of my favorites quotes, “Think globally, act locally”. I decided to make an offering of sustenance from my culture of origin to my newly adopted culture and sustain my own and my family’s life all at once.

I discovered the Conscious Capitalism® organization and embraced their principles as my own. And Vida Natural Baking Company was born.

Vida Natural Baking Company is a company that does things right. It creates opportunities that are beneficial for everyone involved and in its orbit, exercises green practices that are good for the planet and sets in motion ways to give back to people in need.

Carla Guimaraes, founder of Vida Natural Baking Co.

Our Ingredients

Life with its bustle and clutter can be made to be more simple and heartfelt. Vida Natural Baking Company recipes use only natural and fresh ingredients. Simple as life should be, so is what we put into our foods. You can taste the difference. Anything that doesn’t need to be in it simply won’t be.

We use organic cage free eggs, milk and natural aged sharp cheddar made from milk from cows not treated with hormones, organic herbs and seasonings, the best quality extra virgin olive oil, Pacific sea salt and the naturally gluten-free yuca starch. No GMO ingredients, no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial color or flavor and no trans-fat.

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