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Yuca or Cassava, are tuberous plants originated in Brazil. Legend tells how the white tuberous plant sprouted from the burial ground of an amazon Indian girl. Since they have been vastly used in Brazil and to these days the roots serves as staple food to a major part of the population. Yuca is used in the Brazilian Culinary throughout the country and make 2 sub-products from it. Two types of flour. One is consumed raw as a side dish and another one, the starch part that’s used for baking. This is the flour we use for Vida Brazilian Cheese Bread. Since is from the root part of the plant is naturally gluten-free and it has the property of expanding itself without the use of any yeast.

Minas Gerais, my state of origin, I may say, and most Brazilians would agree with me, has the best food of the country. Minas Gerais is also know for its gold, silver and precious stones mines. So when the Portuguese colonized Brazil and found that out a lot of the big captains took over huge plots of land there to mine gold. They were also farmers and had kettle. Nowadays the gold is all gone but we still have lots of cows. So early into the XVII century, wheat flour was very scarce and expensive. But those landlords wanted their bread. The cook salves had to come up with alternatives and ended up creating these products that became the most popular food items on Brazilian culinary.

They came up with a bread made with yuca starch, which was the only one available and scraps of left over cheese, they called it “cheese bread”.

VIDA BREAD is our name for the Brazilian “cheese bread”. They are cheesy snack size breads, full of flavor and comforting feeling. They are golden and crunch outside with specks of melted cheese and fluffy, soft and airy inside. They are made with 6 natural and fresh ingredients and can accompany a meal, salads or soup, we have it for breakfast, snack and even sandwiches. A great substitute to wheat bread, for the gluten-free intolerant consumer. In Brazil traditionally we pair it with coffee. Having a cup of coffee means having one of those along.

VIDA STICKS resemble bread sticks but have a more artisan and rustic look. They bring new crunchy texture never experienced by the American consumer before.  Desired flavors, accentuated with real and natural ingredients, like organic rosemary, Kalamata olives, chili peppers, romano cheese, sesame seeds, curry, etc., alongside its exquisite but charming shape attracts the eyes and palate. VIDA STICKS brings a innovative option on snacking with a wide range of possible combinations,  from  accompanying wine, beer and dips for the more intense flavors, to children’s snack for the more subtle  flavors.

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